The full service Architectural Design firm of Bruce E. Boyd  Architects & Planners was established in 1989 in Nevada County California. Our firm has completed over 200 projects throughout California. Work has encompassed commercial, retail, institutional, educational, historic restoration, campgrounds, and homes. We have designed for  wood frame, alternative and green materials, steel frame, concrete and concrete block.

Our designs have ranged from a Walnut Huller Shed in the historic Ardenwood Farm Park for East Bay Regional Park District, to the design of off-grid and sustainable residences, to the restoration of the Tilden Park Merry Go Round. We have won awards for our work on the Nevada City Hall in Nevada City, the Nevada County Railroad Museum, and the Griggs Building, a retail/office project in historic downtown Nevada City.

We have done work throughout California from Santa Monica to the Bay Area. We are currently working on projects ranging from a large maintenance facility in Tilden Park for the East Bay Regional Park District to the remodeling of two small homes in Port Costa and Nevada City California.

Or firm offers full architectural design services and land planning. We have extensive experience in construction and worked in the past as a licensed Building Contractor. This experience and familiarity with the building trades allows us to offer accurate construction budget planning and expert construction supervision.

We approach each project on a personal basis with our clients, knowing that each project brings its own unique blend of issues, aesthetic requirements, programming requirements, design goals, style and structure. Our solutions are never canned, out of the box or repetitions of past projects.

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Bruce E. Boyd  Architects & Planners is located in the historic one room North Columbia  School house outside Nevada City.  It has been a pleasure to work in this 1876 building, surrounded by forest and working farms, with few distractions from giving our clients and projects undivided attention.

We welcome all inquiries and stand ready to provide an Architectural Services proposal that fits your needs and budget.

 © Bruce E. Boyd, Architecture & Planning 2012 headquarters of viagra can women use viagra or viagra viagra for women malaysia viagra expiration brevet viagra pills cheap