Port Costa/Wilson Residence, 2012. Port Costa, California. A complete remodeling and restoration of a 1,400SF home dating from 1890.

Cherokee House, completed in 2011. 1,600 Sf  "Rastra" block, energy efficient, small home for sustainable living.

Beal Residence, completed in 2008, Nevada County, 4,600 SF new residence.

Nichols Residence, completed in 2007, Nevada County, 3,800 SF new residence

Funk Residence remodeling, completed in 2003, Nevada City, 2,800 SF

Fowler Black Bear Mine Residence, completed in 2003, Rough & Ready, 5,600 SF

Jim Moore Residence, completed in 2004, Grass Valley, 4,800 SF residence and 3,200 SF hanger

Richmond Residence, 2002, Chicago Park,  2,100 SF

Fluke Residence, 2001, Nevada City,  3,200 SF

Haight Residence, 2001, Nevada City,  3,000 SF

Knaus Residence, 1998, Nevada City,  3,200 SF

Casey House, Nevada City, 1997, 3,000 SF

Residence and Music Studio for musician Ry Cooder and his family, Santa Monica, 1997- 2001, 4,500 SF

The Tree House, a residence for the Ketterle Family, 1996, Nevada County, 3,800 SF

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